and start living your best life
Align with and activate the power within you and start co-creating with the Universe
It is time to rebirth into a new YOU!


Sessions are aimed at helping you  clear away blockages, raise your frequency, come into alignment with your Divine self, enhance your intuition, reprogram your vibration and start manifesting a Super Amazing Life! 

Learn how to meditate the right way along with specialised tools to raise your frequency and keep it on a high 




for business owners 

 With the right frequency your business will flourish effortlessly. To grow a successful business you must have the right mindset and energy. 




for coaches, healers and lightworkers

Get out of charity mindset and see your worth. Remove the conditioning set around soul work. Enhance your gifts and intuition and provide the best for your clients. I will share my secrets on how I did it the last 10 years and inspire you to do even better.  


unleash your Divine Diva

Suitable for women who are ready to own their Divine Diva. Whether you are looking to manifest your soul mate or simply become irresistible. Balance your masculine and feminine and ignite that passion within you. It is all in your energy. Learn to love the woman that you truly are and stop giving too much to be accepted. In  the right frequency you will attract the right love and tribe. A Divine Diva is a women who is empowered to own her feminine power and inspires other women to do the same.  She is a go getter and makes magic happen 

 manifest your soul mate

Clear your energetic field and activate your soul light to attract your soul mate into your life.


manifest wealth

Remove all resistance that is subconsciously stopping you from having the wealth your desire. Shift your mindset and get into a healthy relationship with money. As you step into your light prosperity starts to flow to you and you are worthy of it.


manifest success, health, peace and happiness

Heal away depression, anxiety, addictions, physical, mental and emotional problems by activating that inner power within you. Reprogram your mind, body and emotions to start working with you rather than against you. Learn to master your thoughts and emotions.




I am Amreeta Stara. I have worked with clients for over 10 years providing meditative healing, energy alignment, guidance and coaching. Prior to this I was in corporate law and had operated various businesses.


Applying my expertise, experience and knowledge I formulated a powerful coaching and alignment program that has proven successful with my clients. The 'Raise Your Frequency' coaching and alignment sessions and program are designed to help you in any area of your life. Receive highly valuable tools, meditation techniques, guidance and energy alignment and step into the best version of yourself. 

If you have had enough of struggling and want to effortlessly start manifesting an abundance of happiness, love, wealth, success, health, excitement, self-confidence and peace of mind then it is time to take that next step and contact me.



Align, Activate, Expand, Create

© 2019 Amreeta Stara

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