Light Activations

Within us there are many energetic cords and cells that  are simply lying dormant. A light activation session is able to help activate these energetic cords that are ready for activation. Once activated these cords work like energy points that light up and connects us to our super conscious self.  It opens up our innate gifts and enables us to see our true inner selves.  One usually feels lighter and spiritually awakened or starts to awaken. Spiritual gifts, or healing ability may start to develop. Life is perceived in a different view. Light activations help realign your energy to source. It is like having cords that have been plugged in to Source energy but the switch is not turned on. An activation helps us switch this on to start receiving higher light. 

This makes it easier for us to understand our Divine self and start living through our higher consciousness. This way we start to understand our life and its lessons and start to evolve. We are then able to heal, release karmic energy and baggage, raise our own energy and ascend to dimensional higher levels. This is necessary if we wish to embody more light. Why embody more light?

As we embody more light we raise our frequency and enhance our power to manifest and create the life we wish to have. We are then able to truly live as a light being in a physical body. We understand our existence from a higher perspective and are then able to step into our Divine self which is the aim of our physical life.  

At a soul level this helps with the spiritual evolution of the soul which happens gradually when we are ready.  It is the soul's initiation and ascension to higher levels of light thus cutting off from lower energies. Ascension is the only way home. From a spiritual level, the soul no longer needs to reincarnate as it has completed all its soul contracts and lessons and embodied the highest level of light. 

The level of activation during sessions will vary from one person to the other. It depends on the number of energetic cords that are activated and that are ready for activation. Activations can be done by experienced energy healers who understand and are able to channel the light for activations or it can be done gradually through proper light meditation techniques. We also bring in more light when we keep our energy field clear of lower frequency energy such as negative thoughts, people, places and situations that can affect our frequency. 

Once you master this element of your energy body you will then embody your powerful Divine self and start creating magic in your life. Manifesting does not need to be hard work when you have activated your magic wand. 


Light Activation Sessions are very powerful. Many clients start to see flashes of light or colours and experience unexplainable feelings or senses during sessions.

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