Hypno Healing, Energy Clearing, Activation & Realignment  to bring in light, clarity, balance and profound shifts in your life
Taking you beyond your conscious and subconscious state into your super conscious state where you can merge with higher energy to create miracles in your life.
The key here is to step away from your third dimensional self and into your higher dimensional self. 
Many clients start to see flashes of light or colours and experience unexplainable feelings or senses during sessions. 
Sessions may include Light Activations

Our past as well as current daily actions, emotions and thoughts effect our energy body and our energy body effects our physical body and life. Sometimes a simple healing or cleansing of the energy body can help us think clearly, be more in tune with our life purpose and be more balanced and effective in life. 

Most of my clients experience great shifts after just one session. Every problem, pain or blockage in life leads you towards healing which leads you towards the right direction which helps you evolve. Whether it is a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual problem, or if you are just confused and need some clarity, a healing and receiving of higher light is able to help you. The light clears and recharges your energy body making way for life force energy to flow through easily and the energy activation realigns you to your infinite higher self.


I provide very deep and profound healing which includes the integration of higher energy and hypnosis. During a session we work beyond your subconscious mind tapping into your super conscious mind while working on your energy body and transmitting higher energy to help you create magic in your life. Healing happens naturally when you let go and simply allow higher energy to flow through and direct healing with clear unbending intention. 

Sessions are aimed at getting your subconscious mind to start working with you rather than against you while aligning your energy body to your higher self.

To heal or create a positive shift in your life, you must realign your body, mind, emotions and energy to your inner self/higher can't heal one without the other
Sessions are aimed at helping you clear away blockages, realign to your higher self, reprogram your subconscious and start to manifest the life you truly wish to have.
Manifest your soul mate
Cut cords from past lovers, remove past conditioning and activate your energy to attract your soul mate into your life. Soul mate coaching.
Manifest Wealth
Clear away subconscious blockages, cut away cords from the past, reprogram your mind and activate your energy to bring in more abundance and prosperity into your life.
Manifest Health, Peace and Happiness
Heal away depression, anxiety, addictions, physical, mental and emotional problems by activating your inner power and working with higher light. Reprogram your mind and energy body to start working for you rather than against you. Cut off past cords and blockages and bring in more light.
Enhance your Intuition 
Clear away spiritual blockages and realign your energy to enhance your intuition.  
Relax & Balance your Energy
Relax, clear and balance your chakras and realign your energy for more clarity and peace.

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