Inner Guidance / Energy Reading

A little guidance can go a long way. We all need guidance at times!

Kindly note that I do not do fortune telling or prediction of future as I believe in the power of free will, manifestation, fate, destiny, divine timing and karma. Instead I am able to provide you with a possible outcome based on your current actions and circumstances. Change your actions and you change the outcome. 


An energy reading and guidance session can help you seek answers and solutions to your questions and problems by guiding you to the answers that lie deep within your soul. During a session we will connect to your energy body to see where your blockages are and channel messages to help you empower and open up to your inner strength and wisdom and come up with the next best step. 

"While we are the masters of our own life, there is an element called fate that plays an important role in leading us to our divine destiny. Fate is something we cannot run away from for it is part of the souls pre-planned contracts to achieve its lessons and evolve in this life time. While the soul does have free will, it is free will that should lead us to our divine destiny. If the actions we take are not in alignment with our higher plans, we then face consequences that force us to shift back into alignment. Taking action to achieve our divine destiny and trusting in faith and divine timing is key to living a divine life"

During the session we work with your higher/inner self to bring you guidance and clarity on your issues and queries to help you understand your current situation and lessons, to heal and help you live a divine life.



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