Divine Parenting Coaching

As a mother to three wonderful children, I can agree with you that parenting is not an easy job. There are days where too many buttons can be pushed all at the same time placing you beyond your control. You may find yourself overwhelmed with anger followed by guilt and frustration.  


Most parents go through those famous worries of whether or not they are being good parents and the typical worry about their child's safety and future. 


Under Divine Parenting Coaching, we say let go of the anger, worries and guilt for these only brings about more problems and worries. Work with your inner power and universal/divine energy instead. Cut off negative cords from your child and strengten the loving, positive cords to enhance a more positive and productive relationship. Teach your child to meditate and connect to their own inner self. This is priceless. 



You are your child's mirror, so set a good example.





Sign up for healing/ coaching to remove anger, fear, addictions and self limiting behaviour or attitude. Get your life on the right track and become a good role model for your children.











 Teaching your child to meditate can help open up the doorways for peace, love and clarity to flow into their lives. It can help them make good decisions and live a purposeful life.


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