Every Monday from from 9th April 2018 to 14th May 2018

Inner Light Awakening Workshop

Once a week for 6 weeks

A Journey to YOU – to creating magic in your life

This workshop will guide and see you through the 6 weeks to shift your consciousness and awaken to the powerful you.

You will receive one–on–one and group support to help you in your journey to awakening as well as after support to help you balance this awakened energy within you and to integrate it into your daily life and work.


This workshop is powerful and limitless to what you can achieve. When your energy is in alignment with the Intelligent Life Force, your entire consciousness will start to shift, which will instantly manifest physical changes in your life. Life just gets easier and you will start to experience real magic. Whether you are looking to heal your-self, find your soul mate, increase your income, have more time, improve your relationships, find your purpose or if you are just seeking peace and happiness, this workshop will help you achieve it all.


This workshop covers the following:

Understanding YOU – YOU are Divine

Healing & releasing (hands on and at energy level, part life regression, karmic release)

Empowerment – stepping into your power

Light activations and transmissions to tap into higher dimensional energies

Energetic cords, light body, and kundalini energy activations

Guidance & coaching

Learn to meditate correctly

Powerful meditation techniques and chants

Your energy body and the doorways

Higher Dimensional Interaction to receive messages – your guides, Angels, Your Higher Self (whatever your believe system is)

Activate your inner gifts and intuition (we are all born psychic. Knowing how to use our gifts can help us with our life. Start to see beyond this physical dimension)

Energy Protection & Assistance (learn how to heal and protect yourself with energy and get the energy to work for you, creating your psychic shield)

Manifesting – Needs vs Wants – Your Divine Destiny

Option to progress to Inner Light Practitioner & Healer Program & Certification (Includes Reiki Activation)


Energy Exchange: $333 for the 6 weeks – (discounted fee) limited to 12 people only

Time: 10am to 1pm every Monday                             

Bring along a snack










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