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It is important for us to move and evolve with time. The entire universe is. As the universe shifts from one dimension to the other, raising our consciousness and vibration to higher dimensions is inevitable.


More and more people are awakening. Many are going through challenges in lives that force them to question life and existence. Slowly but surely they are being guided towards awakening the divine light in them and reclaiming their spiritual and psychic gifts and remembering their soul purpose.


As our universe shifts from the 3rd to the 4th and 5th dimension, it is easier to connect to higher vibrational energies- to our Spirit Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters and other Celestial Beings. Many today are having encounters with these higher dimensional beings. Many are guided to REMEMBER who they truly are and to release who they think they are. This is inevitable as we move towards the creation of a new world….a beautiful world with higher consciousness where there is no place for EGO.


Today it is important to understand what every religion has been trying to teach- that ‘you need not look far for the answer, for the answer lies within you’


No Guru, Master, Healer or Psychic can help you unless you awaken and help yourself.  They can and should only provide guidance and help you awaken. When we start to awaken we will usually be guided to meet the right spiritual teachers that may be able to guide us (usually from our soul group). They are there to help you based on their understanding and experiences. A psychic may be able to tap into your energy level to provide guidance but only you hold the key to awakening your divine light and knowing your divine life path.


Hence you will realize that healing can only truly happen if you believe and let go. Once you connect to and activate your inner divine light you will be able to tap into higher dimensional energies to allow the energy to flow into you to heal not only yourself but others too.


This divine light is our true self, our true essence, the true self in all of life. It is our true self within the physical form. This divine light never dies. The physical form does.

Each divine light has its own divine path. (soul path, purpose, blueprint). Only by connecting to and awakening this divine light can we truly raise our consciousness and connect to the Divine Source, to the universal energies and be guided to follow our own unique divine path.


The best healing is healing from within and the best guidance is guidance from within. 


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