Energy Shift




The great energy shift is happening. More and more people are awakening. Many light workers have opened up to their true life purpose. It is wonderful to see this universal unity among such beautiful souls. It is simply amazing to see how the universal energies are bringing us together in creating this shift. Children today bring such high energy, light and purpose with them. Help them understand their purpose and self. 


The World is shifting into a higher dimension. A place where only Love & Peace is truth. Lightworkers or souls with higher life purposes to bring about this shift will be everywhere - In the government, as rulers, in schools, as educators, in medical department, as healers, in every area that change is necessary. 


With this shift happening it is time to let go of what no longer serves us. It is time to break free and liberate ourselves. This could be in any form...our work, our lifestyle, our thinking...look through your heart and you will know  what you have to do. What is it that you need to change? We will only face more pain and problems by holding on to what no longer serves us, by holding on to lower vibrational energies and thoughts. These problems are to help us help us shift our own help us awaken. Change is inevitable and necessary to move on. Call upon Divine help for this. 


With all the negativity that is going on, it may be difficult to focus on what is beautiful but this focus is necessary. Give help and send out love, light and healing to those in pain and to all suffering. Love, light and healing energy are higher dimensional energy that can help shift those lower energies causing pain and suffering. However, always focus your mind and energy on seeing a beautiful and peaceful world. Do not allow fear based energy to impede on your progress.


Spread love & light !






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