September 4, 2015


We are spiritual beings having human experiences. By now most of us would have heard this saying. Yet we continue to live in the elusive truth. We are all here for a purpose much bigger than what some human minds may comprehend. It is time however, to comprehend, to understand, to awaken to the one reality. While you are here to experience your human life, you are also here for a much bigger purpose, to help each other, to spread love, to bring peace and make change!!! To remove ego and fear based consciousness to that of love and peace which is the truth.

Look through your heart and you will see yourself in the other person, in all living things. We are one and the same. Hurting another is hurting yourself, helping another is helping yourself. It is time for humanity to awaken to this essential understanding for without it how can there be a strong connection to source & spirituality? It is time to practice and spread this understanding. It is time to be true to yourself. Not depending on others to do this. This is the only way to bring change. To create change. Be the change in your daily lives. Not just when you meditate or post a comment. Be the change all the time. We receive what we create.

Through this change can unity of consciousness be achieved and through this unity anything can be accomplished...awakened world leaders, new policies, the creation of a new world. A world that belong to all living things. Where there is love and respect for all living things. A world without the need control or suppress the other, without the need for greed or power because we know that we are one and that this world is not ours forever, it is not home. Home is where we go upon accomplishing our earthly mission as a spiritual being. Have you started accomplishing your spiritual mission yet?

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