September 16, 2017



Ask yourself – how far can you go to live an empowered happy life?




1)    Positive Affirmations 
First thing in the morning. Smile or laugh and say out aloud “I am HAPPY” – even if you are depressed or stressed – force yourself to do this – consciously fake being happy if you must as this creates an immediate shift in your energy field, psychologically causing a change in the brain activity triggering happy emotions thereby reducing stress and improving your mood. Starting your day in positive mood and energy helps bring in more positivity into the day and your life. SMILE FULLY using the facial muscles around your eyes. You will sense an immediate shift in your emotions. Listen to happy songs or watch a happy/funny video clip. Avoid the news or social media immediately as you wake up. 


2)    Practice being positive/fearless 
Be mindful of your thoughts - cut off negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts. Let go of fear and worry. There is nothing you can achieve through fear and worry except to manifest those fears into your life. Know that there is a higher force. You are never alone. Pray, ask and trust. Whatever your believe is, whether in God, Divine Energy or Universal Energy know that when you ask for guidance and help, it will be provided. Fear creates blockage. 


3)    Smile / Laugh Often 
It creates positive energy. 


4)    Practice being grateful 
It opens up the doorway for more blessings to come into your life.


5)    Exercise regularly and consciously
Do more stretches/yoga and walking and consciously feel the life-force energy flowing into you. Avoid over exercising or straining the body. Your body is not a machine. Love your body. Listen to your body.


6)    Eat/Drink healthily and consciously
Bless your meals and drinks with love and light before eating. This helps remove any dense energy (especially meat). Eat more fruits and vegetables that are raw (less cooked). Take in an adequate amount of water daily. Charge your water with positive energy. 


7)    Meditate Daily 
Open up your heart daily to bring in Light into your life and to realign your energy with higher Energy. Meditation brings joy into your life through realignment with your higher self. It enhances your intuition helping you make right decisions in life. Meditation can also be therapeutic helping you heal yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It is proven scientifically to reduce stress and stress related problems. Meditation is food for the body, the mind and the soul. 


8)    Pray Daily
Pray for yourself, your loved ones and others in need. There is nothing more powerful than a prayer from the heart.


9)    Spend time in nature
Embrace the elements of nature. Nature can heal you. Nature can guide you. Breathe in fresh air, spend time by the seaside or the lake, walk bare footed on earth, have bonfires or use candles to connect to the fire element, spend time looking up into the sky or stars at night. 
“Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.”
― Thích Nhất Hạnh


10)     Practice relaxation 
Make time throughout the day to relax doing breathing exercises. Practice diaphragmatic breathing. Breathe deeply and consciously. Listening to guided relaxation recordings can also help. Practice relaxation at alternate times throughout the day to reduce stress, anxiety and worry.


11)    Practice TANTRA
With your partner or by yourself. Love your body, your sexuality, your sensuality, your sacred pleasures.


12)    Be mindful of your energy flow
Direct your energy upwards at all times. 


13)    Love yourself and others unconditionally
Forgive yourself for anything you feel you may have done wrong and love yourself for being you. Let go of self judgment. Forgive others. Everyone is trying their best. Everyone wants to be happy. Not everyone knows how to. Not everyone is evolved and so not everyone can think the same. No one is perfect. Not even you. Before judging anyone, ask yourself, “am I perfect?” There is Divine in every living thing. Let go of judgement and seek the Divine within. Respect others and respect yourself enough to move away without judgement, without hate. Respect the differences in everyone without judgment. 


14)    Communicate effectively
Speak and listen wisely. Communicate through the heart. Be clear and cautious.  Express yourself. Speak the truth to yourself and to others. The truth frees and liberates the soul.


15)    Be assertive
Know what your values are and stand your ground. Do not allow yourself to be easily manipulated or persuaded by others. Do not change what you truly believe in for anyone. 


16)    Be conscious of your surrounding
Surround yourself with positive people and be in positive environment/surrounding – avoid gossiping. 


17)    Listen to uplifting music
Avoid depressing or darker music


18)    Watch positive movies
Watch inspiring movies. 


19)    Practice cleanliness & Feng Shui
Cleanliness of your body, your mind and your surroundings. Cleanse, declutter and beautify your space – Keep sacred objects within visible vicinity, use energizing tools to activate and harmonize positive energy in your home and work place - Dress well in clothing that make you feel good. It uplifts your energy.

Cleanliness within- Have good thoughts. Let go of jealousy, hate or any other negative thoughts. Focus on LOVE


20)    Embrace changes and all the experiences life has to offer 
Change is the best way to learn and evolve. Positive or negative change is a move towards something better. Experiences help shape and make us. Without the experiences you will not have a story and without a story you can’t proceed to the next chapter. 


21)    Make a difference in the world
You do not have to be popular to make a difference nor do you need to save or help the entire world – start where you are and in a way you can afford too. Start by being an empowered figure in your own life. Lead by example. Be the change you want to see and the rest will follow. Do not preach…just be. Have an aim and consciously start by carrying out simple steps. If you wish to save the environment – start by using environment friendly products, if you wish to stop hate and terrorism – start by spreading love. Make it your duty to help someone or an animal in need whenever you can. Lift others up. 


22)    Create a balance in your life. 
Do not overdo anything. Balance the body, mind and spirit. 

23)    Trust your intuition.
 Practice trusting and following your intuition. This not only enhances that intuitive power which is everyone’s gift but it also helps guide you toward the right direction in life.  


24)    Connect to source energy
God, Divine, Universal energy (whatever your believe system is) connect daily and carry that connection with you throughout the day. You are energy in a physical body and you are constantly surrounded by higher energy that is right there waiting to help you, to guide you. Communicate and ask for guidance from the Universe/Divine. Then listen and look out for signs. When you are in alignment with source, you easily receive guidance and understand the guidance that you receive. It is like plugging into source energy and keeping it switched on all at all times. Through this you are able to draw upon Universal energy and create miracles in your life. 


25)    Trust in Universal Timing and Planning
While you are the master of your destiny, you are also co-creating your life with the Universe/ Divine. You are here for a higher reason. Everything that happens has been orchestrated by you and the Universe to help you achieve your true life mission here on earth. Do not resist change. We are all here to learn, to liberate ourselves and evolve, to love and live freely and help with the ascension of Earth and its inhabitants. 


26)    Be mindful of your duties and responsibilities 


27)    Live consciously with integrity
Be mindful of your thoughts as your life is a reflection of your thoughts. Get out of the auto pilot mode. Are you being you or are you those roles you play? Are you living true to your core values? Remove societies conditioning of what success or happiness should be like and start asking yourself - “What makes me happy?”  Are you happy or are you trying to keep yourself busy to distract yourself from the truth? Buying that house, having more kids, keeping busy with work…works for some time until you start to feel that emptiness inside sometimes decades later – hence mid- life crisis. As the saying goes ‘you can’t keep anyone happy unless you are happy’. Happiness comes from being free – in your mind, your emotions and your life. Freedom comes from being brave and taking risks while being mindful of your duties and responsibilities. Letting go of the fear of rejection or to be vulnerable. Be mindful of the small things that make you happy. 


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