Liberation and Manifestation

July 15, 2019

This life is a journey to liberation. In order to live a healthy, happy, abundant and empowered life you need to step into your Divine self first. To do this you need to know yourself. Mastering you and your relationship with the universe can help you easily access the Divine tools available to you and manifest the life you truly wish to have.

You are the manifestation of Source in your physical body. You might have heard this many times but this is a fact that you must consciously be aware of and believe at all times if you wish to create magic in your life. Be conscious of this fact that you are not just a piece of creation by the creator. You are in fact the creator. You are Divine light in that body. You soul is part of source light. Hence by activating that inner light within you, you too have the power to create miracles in your life. This can be done through proper meditation where you take yourself within to merge with that light.

This entire universe is the manifestation of source energy. Source energy manifested down through the different dimensions. Every dimension has a different level of light oscillation. The higher dimensions oscillate at high speed at higher levels of light where it is pure energy and impossible to form into matter. The physical body is formed in the lowest dimension where light or energy is oscillating at a lower speed and hence is able to form into matter, hence human beings, animals, nature, earth, the universe. Hence Divine energy manifesting itself through the dimensions creating all that is. When we leave the physical body we return to a higher dimension at soul level depending on how much light the soul has embodied. The soul’s mission is to embody more light in every lifetime where it gradually moves up the ladder of ascension, ascending through the dimensions where it eventually merges back with Source and no longer reincarnates. This is in fact our mission in every lifetime. To embody more light while living as a physical being.

When the soul is not ready to go home, as it has not reached the highest level of ascension, it then reincarnates. The soul reincarnates from the soul level dimension but through different portals depending on level of ascension the soul has achieved. Souls that are highly evolved have more energetic cords and strands activated and usually come through a specific time and date on the astrological chart which helps it to come through the portals with the energetic cords activated. The astrological and numerological element at birth determines the amount of spiritual tools the soul is able to carry in with it. Hence our time, date and name at birth plays such an important role in helping us understand our life path and purpose. We each choose our place, time and date of birth to help us achieve our soul’s mission and purpose for reincarnating back. The soul needs to learn more, to dissolve all karmic miasms, cords and attachments, evolve, embody more light and keep ascending higher. It has a mission to achieve. The soul creates its destiny and soul contracts with other souls through events and life experiences that will lead it towards achieving its soul mission as well as help the other souls achieve their soul mission here on earth.

While we are the masters of our own life, there is an element called fate that plays an important role in leading us to our divine destiny. Fate is something we cannot run away from for it is part of the soul’s pre-planned contracts to achieve its lessons and evolve in this life time. While the soul does have free will, it is free will that should lead us to our divine destiny. If the actions we take are not in alignment with our higher plans, we then face consequences that force us to shift back into alignment. Taking action to achieve our divine destiny and trusting in faith and divine timing is key to living a divine life. This is possible when we are in alignment with our higher self and trust in the intuition that we receive as part of that alignment. 

While you are light in a physical body there are also light or energy beings manifested in the higher dimensions that you can work with to help you. Some refer them as angels, spirits guides or celestial beings. Whatever you wish call them. Thanks to my ability to see the energy body and higher energy that surrounds my clients, I can assure you that help is always there. You are never alone. Ask and trust that help is on the way. You are surrounded by Source energy and your guides and within you there is unlimited supply of energy that you can tap into to create miracles in your life.​

You are manifested through these higher energy/forces and so the higher energy is a part of you as you are a part of the higher energy. Beings of light as well as life force / universal energy are always there for you. You are never alone. However, you have to remember that you are Divine, you create your life. The Universal energy will bring you what you ask for through your thoughts and prayers. Hence you are never alone. Spirit has your back and all you have to do is trust.

Once you understand yourself you can then liberate your mind. To liberate your mind, you must leave the cult. The conditioning and programming that society, your family, your upbringing, other people, places and situations has placed in your conscious and subconscious mind.

Understanding that this physical life is just an illusion. You are here for a higher purpose. You are more than the roles that you play. In fact you are not the roles that you play. You are spirit in this physical body with a higher mission to achieve and that your job is to align yourself to Divine and to achieve that soul mission. To do this you need to balance your energy as spirit in the physical body. The misconception is to move away from the physical life and embrace spirituality completely and wholly. If this was the case you will not need to reincarnate in a physical body. What you need to remember here is that you are spirit in a human body. Hence you need to live your best life and experience all of your human aspects and all that you wish to experience while being conscious of your spiritual aspects.

The aim is to remember who you are from a higher perspective and to step into your Divine self where you master your mind, your emotions and your energy and start to create the life you wish to have.

This however can only be achieved by going within. Through meditation. By aligning yourself to source energy. Learning how to direct your energy and working with your energy body can magically help you with any aspect of your life. You can easily release blockages that are stopping you from living the life you wish to live. Our energy body holds a lot of answers. Understanding your chakras is vital as the chakras are keys to the different doorways of manifestation. Energy healing, realignment and light activation sessions can be very useful and powerful in helping you release these blockages and help you come into realignment.

You are energy and through your mind you create, control and expand your energy manifesting the life that you wish to have or subconsciously create the life that you do not wish to have. Your energy body is more powerful than you think it is and with proper programming you can create a brand new you. Once you understand your existence you will realise that you have all the tools within you to manifest the life you wish to have. It does not have to be hard work.

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