(Some clients' names have been modified for privacy purposes)




"I suffered for 3 years when my husband was diagnosed as Schizophrenia. I was the sole bread winner for my family with 2 young children and had to pay for my husband’s treatment. He had seen many doctors who prescribed many medications. I asked Amreeta for help and she helped him recover completely within a week.  She is truly divinely blessed with the power to heal and a beautiful heart."



"Your warmth, selfless, giving nature and such beautiful energy that came thru just via the virtual readings made me realise again, how very powerful one's vibes are despite the distance... You were so accurate, sincere and detailed about everything, and so very thoughtful and patient in guiding me. I knew I was in good hands, I felt extremely comfortable with you. Your heart in its right place Amreeta. You truly are a Celestial being... Thank you so much for helping me and doing what you do so genuinely. Looking forward to meeting you in person! Much love. xxxxx "



"I had issues with my menstrual cycle- I was not getting my period for almost a year and was in much discomfort with constant and severe bloatation and uneasiness. I had been to multiple doctors and all methods including trying different types of diets and forms of medication failed. After being told to “just wait and see”- I decided to try a more holistic approach and got in touch with Amreeta back in July.  Her healing session was amazing, you feel at ease and could feel and sense the healing energy that she provided. I attended three sessions and the following month of August I got my period.  Since then it has been regular - every month on the dot! I would highly recommend her healing sessions because you truly feel a change for the better and feel energized and vitalized. In addition I have chronic back pain and Amreeta’s healing has helped reduce the intensity of the pain tremendously and made each day more manageable for me."




"Thank you for your highly accurate readings! You have been a warm, caring and truly a highly gifted intuitive person. Your readings and healing powers have helped me get through a very trying point in my life. Thank you for helping me to see things clearly. "




"Thank you, thank you, thank you. I cant thank you enough for helping me get rid of the severe headache that I had suffered with for nearly 2 years. I cant thank you enough for this. Thank you also for the guidance. Meditation is part of my daily practice now."




"Amreeta helped me transform completely. I was at a difficult place and time in my life. I could not think clearly and was addicted to alcohol and smoking. I attended one healing and a hypnotherapy session and was able to cut down the addictions immediately. I felt so good and clear for the first time in a very long time. I attended sessions for 2 months and am now addiction free. I have a good job and healthier relationships."



"Amazing amazing healer. I had nerve pain for 2 years. Amreeta identified my pain as soon as I walked in and helped me heal it completely.  She is warm, passionate and has plenty to share. I am still amazed!!!"



"Best healer in Adelaide. Highly recommended."


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